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offn given the tomorrow. store march team has been the developments. we will go to brad bell in city and roz plater in park.e >> but first, where is sandy and where will it hit? .et's go to steve rudin >> it continues to make its trek , note north, northeast moving very best, but storm s up to 75 m.p.h. maintaining a category one status. living under the overnight hours during the day tomorrow, it is going to start e a move to the west and eventually make landfall w jerseye along the ne coast. looking at the doppler radar, now moving across the chesapeake bay. all this will continue to move west and it will the media metro area over the next hour or two. the big story will come and into tomorrow with the gusting wind, rain and the potential for snow out to the west of the mountains. story as werent gwith what's goin the flood watch that entire area as a warning for frederick county and a quick look at the warning will go into at 8:00 tomorrow morning until 8:00 tuesday evening. wind gusts up to 60 m.p.h. are not out of the question. on what'sa check ocean cityght now in bade things a
himself. brad bell was in the court room and joins us from state college with more. >> jerry sandusky continues to aggressively maintain his innocence. he stood in court today and talked and talked. he talked about himself, his feelings, but only once in passing did he mention the victims he is convicted of abusing. only then to say he questions their motives. >> as sandusky was led away to begin serving his 30-60 year term, and effective life sentence for the 68-year-old many who watched the case carefully told us that justice was finally done. >> he could have gotten a lot longer. hearing was a spectacle, like everything else about this case. witnesses said they had been ruined by the former coach's sexual of abuse. >> in my heart, i know i did not do these alleged, disgusting acts. >> sounding off like a coach giving an inspirational pep talk sandusky talked-about sandusky. only in passing did he mention his victims. >> i guess for one reason or another, jerry just does not understand or believe what he did. >> all i could think was, what i lawyer. it -- what a liar. he is very goo
as the waves the boardwalk, staking out brad bell -- this yesterday. >> some of the beach may have moved by now. klutzy had to bring back that video? >> you had to bring that back? it's very cold today. you are right. the beaches still here. of it did move over to the boardwalk. it made a san the mess. as for the other damage, we can you the video -- it made a sandy beach. at the inlet, it goes way out the ocean. furthernot go back anymore. busyity has been very cleaning that up today. there was a restaurant damage as well. they took a lot of water and sand. flooding onlot of the bayside. d water the trailers ha not quite to the floor. of thee to one councilmen and they feel like of dodged a bullet. the >> day fare very well. that the town crews are -- >> they fared well. we will get back online quickly. outages are spotty. you can see the street lights me are not lit, but three four blocks down there is light. say,u heard the mayor trying to get back into business. in ocean city, brad bell, abc 7 news. to the west, it will not the problemsrain causing but snow. ande are power outages blocked r
've had steady winds of 20. i've never [inaudible] >> we're going to check back in with brad bell soon. at the reagan national airport what are the transportation troubles related to sandy >> a lot of them. a lot of flights into and out of here were cancelled this evening which tomorrow is looking a lot worse and that's going to be the case at all the airports in our region. if you wanted to take met trow, couldn't do it because they're shutting down for at least the next day and a whole lot of other transportation options are being taken away from you as well. >> in less than an hour met tro will shut down for at least 24 hours, maybe longer. not only is rail service stopping but bus service as well. >> are you going to be get out? >> i don't think so. >> at the airport rebooking lines were jammed. >> we can't get back to pence col la. >> joe ran the marine corps marathon today only to find his flight cancelled. >> we are from month biel alabama so we're used to hurricanes. >> train service isn't an option either. amtrak won't run until tuesday
abuse. we will talk with brad bell for latest. >> the sentencing in this courthouse, the judge said that put matt sandusky centuries but he said the sentence would be 30 years 0 years. that means he will spend the rest of his life in prison because he is already 68 years old. statements from three victims they could notd what jerryforget them.ky did to they all said that he stole childhood. in the hearing today it was who got up in his red jail house jumpsuit and gave a statement which was all about himself. said he did not do acts and maidenly to hisssing reference victims. much of aett said lastwhat he station.a radio >> they can take away my life, out as a monster, but they cannot take away my heart. in my heart i know i did not do .hese alleged disgusting acts >> well, the judge and prosecution and pretty much everybody blasted him for those comments. the prosecution says this shows that he continues to hurt his continues to deny the charges for which he has been convicted. sandusky says that he will fight on. at times he sounded like the coach that he was giving a locker room s
person in that car is trial for car theft. brad bell is live at the county courthouse. by all accounts, was incredibly lucky to survive that. of his friends perished. prosecutors say richardson needs to pay the price for his role in the door ride that night in a stolen car. that night in a stolen car. only one would survive. today, that love survivor is on that love survivor is for car theft. >> he just got caught up in a situation. >> this case has become about n just a car theft charge. richardson is suing the police for $10 million. has a web site proclaiming video -- his innocence. richardson and his lawyers showed the video when the stopped police lights came then. >> the vehicle entered chevy chase circle. the vehicle stopped. the officers then rammed the vehicle. inthe officers said they are no way responsible. they immediately went into a rescue mode, saving his life. they said they could not get to the others in time. matter of the verdict, they moving forward with a lawsuit. i believe as we have set in civil suit that the car was rammed. got this odd a theft charge this after
. in ocean city brad bell.
laden. what the president was preparing to do if he had been captured alive. >> and i am brad bell. 10 years to the day, t president obama: during the last weeks of this campaign... there will be debates, speeches, and more ads. but if i could sit down with you, in your living room or... around the kitchen table, here's what i'd say. when i took office, we were losing nearly eight hundred... thousand jobs a month, and were mired in iraq. today, i believe that as a nation we are... moving forward again. but we have much more to do to get folks back to work and... make the middle class secure again. now, governor romney believes that with even bigger... tax cuts for the wealthy, and fewer regulations... on wall street, all of us will prosper. in other words, he'd double down on the same trickle-down... policies that led to the crisis in the first place. so what's my plan? first, we create a million new manufacturing jobs... and help businesses double their exports... give tax breaks to companies that... invest in america, not that ship jobs overseas. second, we cut our
. >> our own beaches severed the damage as sandy became ashore. brad bell is now live with more on the cleanup underway there. >> it is better tonight than it was last night. the waves have come down. i just saw a few dolphins going by. yesterday, all of these were from all over the boardwalk. there was sand everywhere. as you can see, it's just about ready to be used. ocean city began cleanup as soon as the wind died down. it is something they are proud of here. >> mother nature had us if you times really hard in this city knows how to bounce back. >> the ocean city fishing piers have gone. it was washed away by waves. >> you can still feel it shaking, so i can imagine what it was like last night. the whole right side is off. >> along the boardwalk, it seems wash the sand is the only problem, but the businesses that operate down from the walkway took a hit. serve came crashing through and now boarded up windows and the famous san bar is also a soggy sand filled shamble. >> a few days ago this place was opened for business and doing great. now it's just crazy. >> there is floodi
of formation from brad bell. >> it was an extraordinary day today, but most of the action took place out of the out of earshot of the jury. it all started when abc 7 news learned the judge presiding over alleged police brutality case had once been married to an at ext. prince george's county officer, who had been of using excessive force. while he was on the police department. well, we also learned she had not disclosed that fact to the n or the defense. we asked the judge about it all e gave to hert w k in chambers. within minutes, all of the back to are hustled meeting.or learned that a mistrial discussed, but the judge on ande trial will go be fair and impartial in this case. as for the testimony in court, was important testimony. we heard from an accused james harrison, who sat stand that when he called maryland student in march using force that was necessary. the trial will resume tomorrow morning and the judge is to make a ruling almost on whether the state be allowed to show the an enhanced version of the video, of the sort we have shown the news. now, the jury has only a somewhat
the maryland and delaware beaches. brad bell is in rehoboth beach with the word from there. brad? >> they're worried about the rain. there are p plywood up because they're worried about the wind. they're worried of the ocean will cross the sand dune. at the boardwalk, strolling during this beautiful weather they are not worried about much at all. the delaware shore is a study in contrast. it is a beautiful day and the rehoboth boardwalk is as crowded as any summer evening. but behind the scenes, a weary town is getting ready for the worst. the family that owns this farmland amusement arcade is filling sandbags and boarding up windows. >> we have never seen something like this. we don't know what to expect. >> at the indian refer in litt this person is doubling out the dock lines on his boat. >> if it hits where they are saying, it could be pretty bad for indian river. >> at dewey beach, a massive sand plow was rumbling up route 1 to get ready to clear the roads. this man says that sandi is all anyone is talking about. >> we are trying to gather water and extra food for the house. business
near urbana. brad bell sent this picture moments ago. we are still gathering information on any possible injuries. we don't know if a patient was. inside at the was -- we don't know if a patient was inside at the time. it's been a dreary day across the area. looking at the capitol right there. we could see more rain before the day is over. we have a clear shot of the capitol dome and in. that in jacqui jeras? >> we have incredible downpours earlier this morning and still a couple spots dealing with heavy showers. let's look at live super doppler. looking at some rain. heavy rain around mcclain and towards bethesda, potomac, and wieden -- wheaton got hit earlier this morning. we have got about a half-inch of rain at reagan national. and more in culpeper. we will see more showers this afternoon, but it will not be as heavy export as frequent as this morning. this is affecting much of the east coast. call ahead if you are traveling today. there are rival days at bwi. occasional showers today, highs in the mid 70's. aed is down the line. we will talk more about that. >> the weather
which state prison he will be sent to. abc news, bellefonte, pennsylvania. >> brad bell will be there for the sentencing this morning. look for his live reports on our later newscasts. for instance updates wjla.com. new this morning, a woman fighting for her life after she was struck by a car in northwest washington monday night at 15th street and k street. the driver did remain on the scene. the victim underwent surgery. >> former d.c. council chair kwame brown back in court today for a hearing on unspecified violation. neither prosecutors nor brown's attorney have revealed the reason. he resigned after pleading guilty in june to bank fraud and a misdemeanor campaign finance violations. he faces six months in prison on each count. but he may not spend any time behind bars for cooperating with prosecutors. a maryland delegate, tiffany alston, is scheduled to go on trial today on charges that she used campaign funds to pay for wedding expenses. the prince george's county democrat was convicted earlier this year of stealing $800 from the general assembly to pay for an assi
suspect, the student was struck head. still faced second- assault. brad bell and the court room his complete report coming up at 5:00 p.m. >> about 20 days to go until election day. housece for the white intensifies. paul ryan will be taking the stage. this is an ohio. two campaign event today. e other features president obama in athens this evening. all of the candidates and the states today. obama speaking in iowa. mitt romney in virginia. >> this at the the debate that became a shouting match. e carter with highlights. today. is campaigns calling last night a win. it was a different debate the first. with weeks left, they are both hoping to use the to move from last night forward. campaign trail today, barack obama and mitt to cash in oning their prime-time performance. who iss hard to know going to win. it is still a toss up. debate focusedd on domestic issues, voters the questions in a town hall sutton. at times the spirited debate cost feisty remarks. voter thought the was in the winner's slim margin. >> met romney offered people a very concrete vision about how experience, to
colleague brad bell is in the courtroom. e get the verdict, update our viewers on air and online. >> thanks so much. and 11-year-old in maine is manslaughter charges. is the youngest faces and this person to face such in that state in three decades. the mother of the 3-year-old d her daughter was medicine and was smothered death. wassuspect's mother if little girl at the time. story fromg washington. shooting sparked by a fight woman has turned into a homicide. robert hasld named on 27ththe shooting avenue and texas avenue southeast. the suspect is a five-foot seven scenemale ran from the black coat, ad ski mask, and ski pants. if former cfa officer accused of names of covert expected to plead guilty today in federal court. initially pled not guilty. then a judge ruled last week prosecutors would not have to approve the actually intended u.s. by leaking the two people's identities. high school students walking out in northeast d.c., firing of a long time football coach. they were angry over a decision fire him last week after he player.ineligible the football team had also forfeit one of th
and delaware beaches could be in the target area. >> brad bell is live in bethany beach with how people are preparing. >> a beautiful day at bethany, but a number of walking the boardwalk. just about every one of them has asked the same thing, expressing concern, what will this storm due to the town and the beach? we found carol enjoying the sand of bethany beach. she is spending her first off- season living here. for her, talk of a perfect storm is upsetting. >> i love that the way it is. i hate to see it disappear. >> she remembers the scenes from a hurricane turned nor'easter in november to 009. -- 2009. it virtually wiped out the beach and there was widespread flooding from the bay side as the high wind pushed the high tide at inland. it took more than two years to rebuild the beach and sand dunes. tonight, there was fear it would happen again. this person is running a boardwalk toy store for the weekend. that concerns me because i have not been down the beach for any of the storms. we have always been in land more and i will be concern for the stores. >> this person owns for appare
of a good cop. >> that was brad bell reporting. according to the washington post, he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and other charges for opening fire in march of 2010. five people died. he testified against five other suspects who were sentenced to 30 years in prison. >> a woman has been attacked. three women were walking not far from triangle in quantico when a man with a gun tried to rob them. police have released a composite sketch of the suspect. he grabbed one of the women and assaulted her. he ran when he saw police lights. anyone with information should call the police. >> time to check the other top stories, more about the crash that killed a police officer. kevin bowden died yesterday after his vehicle crashed in clinton. he was speeding and not wearing a seatbelt when another driver cut him off. >> a suspected car thief fled multiple agencies on a chase today. that ended in south capitol street. the driver hit other cars before being chased on foot and then later arrested. >> president obama campaigned in virginia, and again. with 18 days ago, polls are showing a
will move into the state system where presumably, he will stay for the rest of his life. brad bell, abc 7 news. >> under pennsylvania law sandusky can not be released before the minimum of 30 years. beside the appeals, there are plenty of lawsuits. penn state is in the process of settling a number of those lawsuits. >> let's switch gears and talk about the weather today. another damp and chilly fall day for the washington area. >> some milder temperatures are on the way. >> a few breaks in the overcast, but the clouds are still hanging around. it is gray and damp and only 58 degrees right now. anywhere from. 10 2.25 inches of rain. -- .10 to .25 images of rain. tonight it will start to clear out a little bit 44-52 degrees. we can see the cloud is moving across the appalachians. it looks like a great day tomorrow. we will give you the next seven days in the weather coming up in just a few minutes. >> let's turn to a developing story in virginia. authorities have ruled the death of a star reporter a homicide. the 48-year-old was found dead in her burning home on july 9. witnesses say they s
will begin making its case in court tomorrow. we expect the both of the accused officers will testify. brad bell, abc-7 news. >> coming up, the super bowl halftime performer is revealed. >> and seven is on your side with a new super vegetable that packs a healthy punch in small portions. experts >> 7 is on your side tonight with a ford recall to tell you about. the automaker is recalling fiesta's because of a side air bag problem. if no one is sitting in the front seat during a crash, the airbag will not inflate to protect passengers in the back seat. you can take it to the dealer to get a free fix. >> the meningitis outbreak is getting worse. health officials suspect the problem could include even more patients who got steroid injections for their backs. >> state health officials say the meningitis outbreak is much more widespread than previously thought. the investigation now includes new medications and new infections. federal health officials are sounding the alarm about two new medications that may be linked to a deadly nationwide outbreak of fungal meningitis. the drugs are made by th
to see what a hurricane looks like? just take a look at brad bell's live shot from ocean city, maryland. he's been there all day as conditions have gone downhill. brad. >> reporter: yeah, they have gone downhill. as matter of fact, as you were getting ready to toss to me, i pulled out my wind speed indicator. a gust that hit 50 miles an hour. >> want to got to tom live at reagan national airport and tell also but transportation troubles related to sandy. tom? >> a whole lot of them, pamela. at this point, reagan airport, a pretty quiet place. a lot of flights in to and out of here were cancelled this evening. tomorrow is looking a lot worse. that will be the case at all the airports in our region. even if you wanted to come to the airport, let's say if you wanted to take the metro, couldn't do it because they're shutting down for at least the next days. >> one of the best ways for forecasters to track hurricanes is to actually fly through them. >> and this weekend one of our own got a chance to fly along with noaa scientists. abc 7's chris van cleve was the only washington reporter on t
falling out. don't look down. >>> "saturday night live" couldn't resist spoofing brad pitt's ram belling ads for chanel number 5. >> and the dreams, wake up and smile at rate. i'm sore vicious there really no script? 'cause i've been talking to myself for, like, two hours straight, i'm starting to sound insane u want me -- you want me to sound less coherent? really? okay. i can just start making up words. >> the "snl" featured four of the parodies advertising everything from tack dose tattoo removal. and i must say he looks strikingly a lot like brad pitt. >>> let's turn around, mr. al roker, signing some -- >> signing a few signs, lovely witches of eastwick here. a cutie. who is this? >> juliet. >> very good. working on that binky. and honeymooners here. giants versus skips. oh. oh. oh, too bad. happy anniversary. suckers! well, you are having a nice anniversary? that's good. let's see what we got for you. today, our pick city of the day just happens to be mobile, alabama. nbc 15. nice add, sonny a high of 79, going to be gorgeous. rain making its way into northern california. upper ele
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